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Activities Session 2013-14


Hiroshima Day

On 6th Aug,2013 Hiroshima Day related programme was organized by the “Planning Forum(History department)” under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur.Amandeep Kaur told students about the harmful effects of War. All the staff members were also present at the moment.


On Aug14,2013 Independence Day was celebrated under the inchargeship of Mr.Monoharlal and Mrs.Rishma Kakkar by “Planning Forum”. On this occasion the various activities like speech, song and poem recitation were organized .Mrs.Satinder Kaur shared her views with students.

On 20Aug.2013, Teej Day was celebrated by the Hindi Association under the inchargeship of Mr.ManoharLal .The programme was begun with Tree Plantation. Rakhi Making Competition was organized .A play on illiteracy was(Played) performed by students and various activities like Song,Giddha was performed.Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur prized the students .

B’Day of Mother Teresa

B’Day of Mother Teresa was celebrated on 26 Aug 2013, by the Mother Teresa House under the inchargeship of Mr.Manohar Lal.Students delivered the speech about the life and preaching of Mother Teresa .Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur and all staff members paid a tribute to Mother Teresa .Dr.Prabhjot Kaur also shared her views about the life of Mother Teresa with the students

Shri Krishana Janamastmi

On Aug 28,2013 Sri Krishana Janamastmi was celebrated by Hindi Association, under the inchargeship of Mr.Manoharlal. Students shared the views about the life and teachings of Sri Krishana through speech, poems and songs. At last Mr.Manohar Lal also told about the importance of “Gita” in our life.

Talent Hunt Competition

“Talent Hunt Competition “ was organised in college on Sep.04 and Sep. 05,2013 under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur and Mrs.Sarabjeet Kaur various activities like Shabad Gayan,Group Song, Traditional Song, Solo Song, Solo Dance, Poetic Recitation, Elocutions, Rangoli, Wall Painting ,Rassa Wattna etc was organized.All students participated in these activities. Chairman Somjeetpal Sharma and Vice chairman Piarelal Sharma and Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur prized the winners.

World Literacy Day

on Sep 7,2013 World Literacy Day was celebrated by English Association under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur.Students told about the meaning,History and importance of literacy day. Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur also shared her views about the day.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

On sept,2013 Teacher’s Day was celebrated by “Hindi Association” under the inchargeship of Mr. Monoharlala in college Campus.College Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur and all the staff members and students paid tribute to Dr.Radha Krishnan .On this occasion speech, Poetic Recitation and inter house Quiz Competition was organized.

Inter-House Chess Competition

On sept ,2013, An Inter-House Chess Competition was organized under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur by “Sports Club” .Kamaldeep Kaur (864) from Annie Besant House

Create Out of Waste Competition organized

Inter-House create out of waste competition was organized by the inchargeship of Dr. satinder kaur andMrs.Rishman Kakkar on 13th& 14th Sep.2013.Many students participated in different items like pot making with flowers ,Pen stand making and wall hanging prepared .Winners were prized and honored by principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur. She also appreciated the efforts of Art Club and their incharges.

Alumni Meet organized

Alumni Meet was organised under the supervision of Mrs.Rishma Kakkar and Mr.Manoharlal in college campus on 14.Sep,2013.The college chairman Mr.Somjeet Pal and Vice chairman Mr.Piaralal Sharma were the guests.The Principal Dr.Prahbjot Kaur welcomed the alumnae’s of all previous sessions. The different office bears were also announced of Alumni.

International Peace Day

International Peace Day was celebrated on 21 Sep., 2013 by the Planning Forum under the inchargeship of Mrs.Rishma Kakkar. students delivered speech about the history and importance of peace day. Principal Dr.Prabjot Kaur shared her views with the students

N.S.S.Camp Organised

Seven days N.S.S camp was organized in college from Sep.27,2013 to Oct.03,2013 under the inchargeship of programme officer Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur. On the first day the camp was inaugurated by Principle Dr.Prabhjot Kaur in the presence of all the staff members by lightening the lamp. The various activities performed by Volunteers in this camp are :- Seminars on” Preservation of environment “, “HIV/AIDS Awareness”, “Female Foeticide”, ”Blood Donation”, Rallies were also organized by N.S.S. Volunteers in the village related to social problems. On the closing ceremony Principle Dr.Prabhjot Kaur, Manager Mr.Parminder pal and all staff members prized the Best volunteers

B’Day Celebration of S.Bhagat Singh

Birthday of S.Bhagat Singh was celebrated in our college on 28th Sep,2013 under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur.Dr Prabhjot Kaur and all staff memberspaid tribute to Shahed Bhagat Singh.On this occasion speech was delivered by the students related to the life of Shahed Bhagat Singh .Songs and Poems are also sung by students as a tribute.

2nd Oct. Celebration

2nd Oct,2013 was celebrated as “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” “Satya or Ahinsa” by the Planning Forum (Pol. Sci.) under the inchargeship of Mr.Manohar Lal in college campus. Principal Dr. Prabhjot Kaur and all staff members paid a tribute to Lal Bhadur Shashtari and Mahatma Gandhi. On this occasion students shared their views about the day. Mr. Manohar Lal expressed his views on 2nd oct.

World Animal Welfare Day/Environment Day Celebrated

On 4th oct 2013 ,Environmental day was celebrated by the Science Association under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur.she also inspired the students for the protection of plants and animals.

Library Day Celebration

Library Day was celebrated on 5th Oct,2013 in college campus under the inchargeship of Librarian Ms.Gurpreet Kaur . inter-house quiz competition was organized. Amandeep Kaur got I position in speech competition and Gurpreet Kaur & Gagandeep Kaur from Sarojini Naidhu House got the 1st position in Quiz Competition. Librarian Ms.Gurpreet Kaur shared important information about Library.

Girl Child Day

Girl Child Day was celebrated on Oct 11,2013 by Science association under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur

Inter-House Mehndi Competition

On 21st ,Oct 2013 Inter-House Mehndi Competition was organised by the Punjabi Association under the inchargeship of Mrs.Sarbjeet Kaur.In the competition Kamaldeep Kaur got the first position ,Veerpal Kaur second position, Veerpal Kaur gets the third position. Dr.Prabhjot Kaur prized the winners

Workshop Cu,m Exhibition on Teaching Aid preparation Competition organized

on 21 oct,2013 workshop cum exhibition Teaching Aids Competition was organised by Planning Forum under the inchargeship of Mrs.Rishma Kakkar .All students participated . Sukhdeep Kaur Principal of Bhai Mati Ds Public School ,Rajvir Kaur and Satvir Kaur, Principal Dr.Prabhjot kaur and all staff members prized the winners. Dr.Prabhjot Kaur thanked the guests and presented token of honour to the them

Lamp and Dhiya making compitition organized

Lamp Making Compitition:- InterHouse lamp making competition was held by the Punjabi Association under the inchargeship of Mrs.Sarbjeet Kaur .In this Marie Curie House got first position and Laxmi Bai House and Sarojini Naidhu House got the second position and Mother Teresa House got third position .Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur gave the prize to the winners.

Punjab day celeberated

Inter- house Rangoli compitition organized

Eye checkup camp organized by N.S.S. unit of the college

Christmas Day and new years eve celeberation

Christmas Day and new year was celebrated on 24.12.2013 by English Association in the guidance of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur.Function started with the candle ceremony..College chairman Mr.Somjeetpal Sharma and Vice –Chairman Mr.P.L.Sharma , Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur gave best wishes for new year to all.
Lohri celeberation on 13 Jan.2014

Extension Lecture on HIV/AIDS awareness Organized

An Extension Lecture on 17.01.2014 by Red Ribbon Club under the guidance /Incharge ship of Nodel officer Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur.This extension Lecture was given by Mr.Narinder Kumar Bassi, Resource person(State Awardee).Mr.Narinder Kumar Bassi gave knowledge about the symptoms of HIV Patients..Students gained lot of knowledge and awareness . Mr.Narinder Kumar Bassi, gave prize to the Best Volunteer’s of Red Ribbon Club.Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur and all staff members presented token of thanks to Mr.Narinder Kumar Bassi.

5th Annual Athletic Meet

In Mata Maiserkhana College of Education 5th Annual Athletic Meet was organized by Sports Club from 07-02-2014 to 08-02-2014 under the inchargeship of Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur. Professor Amandeep Kaur (Phy.Edu.) Bhai Behlo Khalsa Girls College ,Phaphre Bhaike(Mansa) was the Special guest . . Chairman Mr.Somjeetpal Sharma ,Vice chairman Mr. Piara Lal Sharma and other committee members were also present. The meet was started with flag Hoisting .Torch ceremony was performed by Soma Kaur . The events for this Annual Athletic Meet were Long Jump, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw , Shot- put,100Mtr race, Obstacle race, Sack race, Chatti race, Three legged race, Skipping on the spot etc. Kalpana Chawala House was the winner of ‘Tug of War’ . Manvinder Kaur was Best Athlete ,Varkha Rani & Pooja Rani were Runner Up of this Athletic Meet . Sarojini Naidu House got the ‘Best House’ Trophy . Dr. prabhjot kaur honoured the guests.

Basant Panchmi Celebration

Basant Panchmi Celebration was arranged on Feb 04,2014 by Hindi Association .’Kite Flying Competition and Poster Making Competition was organized .Students participated very excitedly in these items.

Skill in Teaching compitition


Students visited punjabi university for 3rd NSS youth convention

Participation in Lok Mela Held at Punjabi Uni.Patiala:-

Our college students participat in InterZonal Lok Mela On Feb.11,2014 at Punjabi Uni.Patiala. Students participated in different activities like Kulwinder Kaur(805)in Geete Khedna,Surinderjeet Kaur (808)in Clay Modeling,Satveer Kaur(847) in Rssa Vattana ,Pooja Rani(846)in Rassi Tapna, Gurwinder Kaur(859)in Inoo Banouna ,Sharnjeet Kaur (865)in Peedi Bunna.

“Seminar on Present Status of Women in Modern India”organized

A Seminar organised on feb 18,2014 on Present Status of Women in India under the inchargeship of Acedemic incharge Dr.Satinder Kaur. S.H.O Bathinda Miss Beant Kaur shared her views with the students .She also told about the safty rules or protection rights of women.She also told about the safty tips from any type of explotation . Principal Dr.Prabhjot Kaur thanked the chief guest

Two Days Educational Tour Organised:-

Mata Maiserkhana College of Education (for girls) organized two days Educational tour accompanied by ‘Mrs.Rishma Kakker, Dr. Satinder Kaur,Mr. Parminder Paul,Mr.Vishavjeet Pal,Mrs.Kiranjeet Kaur,Mrs.Sarbjeet Kaur,Mr.ManoharLal,Miss Gurpreet Kaur from Feb. 28.2014 to March 1.2014.Students visited Gurudwara Parmeshwardwar,Shri Fathegarh Sahib,Shri Anandpur Sahib,Virasat-E-Khalsa,Mata Naina Devi Mandir,Gurudwara Bhatha sahib(Ropur), Aam-Khas Bagh(Sarhind).The trip is very Educational,illuminating,Entertainment,Knowledgeable.Informative,Enjoyable full of enlightenment and happiness.

Consumer Day was Celebrated on March 03,2014.-

International Women’s Day Celebration

International Women’s Day Celebration was organized by English Association On March 08,2014.On this occasion Mrs.Surinder Kumari,Shavinderjit Kaur,Mrs.Parmjit Kaur(Sarpanch Maiserkhana ),Mrs.Ranjit Kaur were invited as guests. Dr.Prabhjot Kaur gave warm welcome to them.Students performed solo song,group song, recitation and giddha .”Few games were organized.Students shared their ideas with the guests

Cooking Competition

Cooking Competition was organized by cooking Club on March 08,2014 at the eve of International Women Day.On this occasion various dishes were prepared by different students .Winners were prized on the ocassion

Students of houses with their incharges

Computer literacy workshop organized







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