(Affiliated to Punjabi Uni.Patiala & Approved by NCTE Jaipur)
(Only for Girls)
Welcome to Mata Maiserkhana College of Education, Bathinda mansa road, Maiserkhana-Bathinda

Social Sciences Association

Social Sciences Association/Planning Forum
This association is formed under the inchargeship of Name. The purpose of this is to provide knowledge of social structure & environment in which the students have to live, and fulfill their duties & enjoyment of rights.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To build up the confidence in Students.
  2. To make their thinking broader, Critical and Analytical.
  3. To develop the qualities of leadership & taking initiatives in them.
  4. To make them adjustable in society.
  5. To make them able to face the Real life situations.
  6. To make them skillful for organizing the events/Functions/Activities.
  7. To develop the feeling of brotherhoodness, loyalty, honesty, Patriotism in them.
  8. To develop their personality in all aspects.

Activities to Perform:

     1. Quiz Contest
     2. Debate
     3. Elocution
     4. Tour & Trips
     5. Various Day celebrations
     6. Birthday celebrations of freedom fighters, Writers & Social reformers
     7. Discussions
     8. Project Work