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(Only for Girls)
Welcome to Mata Maiserkhana College of Education, Bathinda mansa road, Maiserkhana-Bathinda


All the world is a laboratory to the inquiry mind." : MartinH.Fischer
To impart the practical knowledge of assessing different behavioral aspects like intelligence, creativity, aptitude etc. For this purpose, the college has a Psychology Laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipments.


  1. General Intelligence Test for college students (Dr. S.K.PAL, Dr.K.S.Misra)
  2. Non –Verbal Group Intelligence( Imtisungba Ao)
  3. Mangal Teacher Adjustment Inventory (Dr.S.K.Mangal)
  4. Creative Thinking(Baqer Mehndi)
  5. Verbal test of creative thinking (Baqer Mehndi)
  6. General classroom Achievement test (Dr. A.K.Singh)
  7. Teaching Aptitude test Battery (prof R.P.Singh, Dr.S.N.Sharma)
  8. Cognitive Style Inventory (Dr.Parveen Kumar jha)
  9. Enviornment Awareness Ability (Dr.Parveen Kumar Jha)
  10. Educational Interest Record (Dr. S.P.Kulshrestha)
  11. Scentific Attitude Scale (Dr. S.C.Gakker ,Dr.Amandeep Kaur)
  12. Essay Paragraph/Analysis (Dr.S.P.Malhotra,Dr.Sucheta Kumar)
  13. Sentence completion test(L.N.Duby,Archana Dubey)
  14. Social Motive Scale (Dr.Ram Nayar,Dr.Mahesh Bhargava)
  15. Achievement test in Accountancy( Dr.Gakkar,Dr.V.Gulati)
  16. Recall of completed and in completed tasks(Dr. Vivek Bhargava)
  17. Mannual for Programmed Instructional material of Branching ProgrammeOn Direct –Indirect speech (Dr.Punita Govil)
  18. Mannual for Programmed instructional material of Linear Programme on Active-Passive Voice (Dr.Punita Govil)
  19. Manual of The Group Test of general Mental Ability (S.Jalota)
  20. Non Verbal test of intelligence (J.C.Raven)

Psycho apparatus:

  1. Mirror drawing
  2. Tachistoscope
  3. Colour preference
  4. Finger dexterity test
  5. Choice Reaction Time apparatus
  6. Human maze apparatus
  7. Weight's discrimination
  8. Division of attention
  9. Memory Drum
  10. Finger Dexterity Board And Tweeze Dexterity Board(Dr.Jagdish , Dr. Vivek Bhargava)